That should have never happened to George Floyd

As you see almost all the time you watch the news it is about police brutality. You don’t hear or see anything good about the police anymore. Top stories in the news police shoot an unarmed person, police beat someone up, police shoot a pregnant lady, police raid the wrong house and kill someone in the house. I can’t understand, the man said he cannot breath, why can’t you get off him, he later dies in the hospital, and the police killed him.

They fired all 4 police officers and 1 police officer was charged with 3rd degree murder. The people want the other 3 police officers charged with a crime. That is the plea bargain , charge the other 3 police officers with a crime and possibly they might stop the violent protest. I feel the other 3 officers that were fired are still being protected because of all the violence going on. Some people are taking advantage of the violent protest so they can steal things from stores.

Remember what I mentioned on my last blog , you need to document everything , written , pictures , video journal so you can look back at what happen. It just happens that a total stranger that happen to be there when the incident happen , was taking a video , and posted it on social media. That video is so powerful that it went viral in seconds. People from celebrities , the president of the united states, athletes watching the video and shared it all over the world.

That is why documentation is very important. Most police don’t like it when you video them and sometimes they want you to delete the video, not to video at all, and sometimes they want your phone that has the video. I believe some police abuse there authority and power. Some police like the power control ego and get carried away that they hurt or maybe even kill somebody. I feel sad for what happen to George Floyd , it happens all the time, it is the new normal , police hurt or even kill somebody.

I understand what they are going thru because I almost went to jail or prison because of entrapment. The police chased me like a wild animal and I did nothing wrong. I was scared and traumatized by what they did to me. I am sure there are people who are in jail or prison that are innocent people. The police set them up [entrapment] and arrested them. It is hard to be in jail or prison for a crime you did not do. Just to wake up everyday to look at concrete walls , bars, and your 100% sure you did not commit a crime.

In August 2015 , I was working in Berkeley California and the police tried to set me up [entrapment]. The second time they tried to set me up I was working in Orinda California [entrapment]. The third time they tried to set me up I was in Fairfield California [entrapment]. On October 2015 I was in Fairfield California the police tried to set me up [entrapment] , I was car jacked in Fairfield California, I was in a hospital in Fairfield California , the name of the hospital is called north bay hospital in Fairfield California and they tried to kill me in that hospital. I was so traumatized and scared of what I experience.

I talk to an F.B.I. agent from the Fairfield California location. I wrote down her name , address, and phone number. I talk to the agent about what has happened to me. What would you do if you were being chased by the police like a wild animal ? Chased 3 times , and you do not know if they will stop chasing you around like a wild animal.

If you ask me , why would they do that to you? Then I would ask you , why did they do that to George Floyd? I understand why people are violent protesting because they are upset, at what has happened to many people that are harmed or killed by police. I believe that police are racist, discrimination will always be there and the abuse of authority. I am an innocent man that did not commit a crime and did nothing wrong to receive the evil that came to me.

I believe me talking and helping someone who had a drug problem caught the attention of police. The person I talked to was always going in and out of jail. The guy I helped out was living in Concord California , where he later was kicked out of the group home, his name is Reynaldo Frugoli and he is scared to leave his house because of the police.

I pray nobody has to experience what the police put me thru.

Stay strong, Noel Bantola

When you are a targeted individual , who do you trust

Most of the people who are targeted try to explain what is happening to them to friends and loved ones. It is hard to explain things like direct energy weapons being used against you because nobody ever heard of anything like that before. When you hear about the diplomats in Cuba being attack with some kind of direct energy weapons all over the news. Is that real , why would somebody lie about being harmed. That is why it is very important to have a journal to document everything in writing or in video. When you document everything you can go back to see what happen. When somebody does not believe you , you have documented it , evidence, use it in court or just to prove you are telling the truth. They want you to look like you are the person who needs therapy.

My targeting is very extreme to the point , I have a hard time trusting anybody because I am not sure if they are trying to help me or harm me. I don’t really like isolation but I rather be isolated then to be harmed. They do that to you anyway to isolate you. I felt when I was talking to people, getting to know people better they really were upset because they want you to be alone. I still talk to people but I have a hard time with trust.

I have family I talk to and I would like to meet others going thru the same thing as me , so I could learn from them, help them , create some kind of friendship and trust. I feel there are people out there who understand what I am going thru and are scared to talk about it or become targeted them selves. The program it self is very real and I would not believe it my self until I have experience it.

I want you to imagine that one day you woke up and everybody started acting strange. The people in your life were not really who they say they are. Your so called friends were picked out for you, your wife was picked out for you, your dog was picked out for you, your family was picked out for you, and your job was picked out for you. Not to forget whole communities was picked out for you. You get it, your whole out look on things is not your reality. Does that scare you? You are not sure what is real or who you trust.

What are you going to do. Call the police , they smile and ask you if your having a mental break down. Do you find a attorney and they ask you the same thing, do you need therapy, you go to the doctor they smile and ask you to get a mental health evaluation.

Do you understand why trust is very important to a targeted individual. Everything they say is real but it is very hard to explain with out proof or evidence. That is why it is very important to keep a written journal or video journal to document everything. They can and they will make you look like you are crazy. That is when you ask yourself , I put the remote control here and I am 100% sure. They break into your house move things around to make you loose your mind.

Remember you control yourself , nobody can control your mind, they can try to make you angry, sad, frustrated, scared, you want to give up, and remember they will try but only you can control yourself. Take good care of yourself and be very careful who you trust.

stay strong and never give up

Noel Bantola

What is a targeted individual by Noel Bantola

You are put on a evil list to suffer persecution . You cannot have a normal life like go to school , learn a trade, and find a job. You cannot buy a house, get married , and have kids. Your friends, family will be turned against you and money is a big factor in this program. You cannot travel to different places around the world, learn different cultures, and have normal relationships.

You will always be down on your luck and wonder what is happening. People will be rude and angry towards you like you did something to them. You will loose money , have a hard time finding a job , and life will be a struggle for you. The people behind the program know how to harm an innocent person. It is scary that there is so many people going thru this evil program.

Just imagine all the people in the program that committed suicide , lashed out, killed with direct energy weapons., mentally, emotionally , incarceration, and state hospital. It is sad that the United States government has programs like these. I always thought that the United states is the land of the free home of the brave. No one would ever think about stalking , direct energy weapons, slander of character, and destroying a person’s life.

When I experience all this evil it traumatized me , mentally , emotionally, it paralyzed me. I look at the world in a different way . It showed me the true colors of a evil society. You have to remember when you harm innocent people or anybody it is pure evil. The target is not treated like a person or even have any type of justice.

To understand what I am trying to say , you would have to experience it , and I am sure it will scare you or make you upset. Many people been in the program for many years and some just give up [suicide] [lash out]. Just imagine being isolated , homeless, and no support system.

Sometimes you wish for a normal life and that may never come true. No matter how hard you suffer and struggle. Always know God is good all the time and never loose faith. The people who put you in the program can never handle what you been thru and that makes you a stronger person. You should find time to eat healthy, exercise, try to meet people, even if they try to isolate you because you have to try to live a normal life.

Stay strong and never give up

Noel Bantola

What I remember when I look back before I even became aware I was a targeted individual

Hello there,

I remember getting off the Amtrak train in Antioch California to go to my parent’s home. I waited for a taxi. I was in sandals and I had a brown paper bag that had letters and a bible. I did not know I was going to be targeted by the police. It was probably concord police from concord California because that is where Reynaldo Frugoli was living at the time in a group home and I live in Antioch California. I know that Reynaldo Frugoli was always going in and out of jail since the early 2000’s and police are always watching him.

I never had any contact with police only Reynaldo Frugoli. I would ask Rey if he was going to work or find a job and he told me that if I do they are just going to put me in jail. I did not understand what he was trying to tell me until I became a targeted individual. I remember a time when I took Rey to the sunvalley mall in concord California and we were in the parking lot eating . The mall is closed and nobody around and next thing you know there was somebody who park right next to us watching us and they could have parked anywhere else.

I just started to sense that Rey is being followed around and I just notice it. I understand that Rey knows he is being followed, they tell on him and he goes to jail for anything. I am sure Rey is a targeted individual that keeps going to jail and he doesn’t understand what a targeted individual is. It is hard to understand that Rey is a filipino guy and I am a filipino guy also. There were many other people who Rey talk to that were not filipino and I don’t understand why did they not get targeted. Was I noel profiled because of my ethnicity because I was not committing a crime.

It is hard to understand that other people Rey talk to just get to live a normal life. Remember the people were not filipino the other people Rey talk to. I also want to mention that Antioch police from Antioch California were sued by the low income housing in a class action and won. The people that were targeted were minorities from low income housing. The people that did the targeting were called the community action team from Antioch California that work with Antioch police.

When I move back to my parent’s I use to walk my small hotdog everywhere and ride my bike everywhere in Antioch California. I remember just going outside and people just looking at you because they know you. It was like somebody saying your a sex offender or a rapist. No that is not true just a bunch of lies and slander. If you have become targeted you will endure a lot of abuse.

Remember to document everything a written journal or a video journal. I also had my parents Mercedes that I brought it to a shop to get fix and it came out destroyed by the perps. I also had a Toyota minivan and the lug nuts were loose. I had my niece , nephew, mother, and sister in the van . If the tire came off while car was moving it could have killed the kids.

The evil that welcome me was very scary and terrifying.

Noel Bantola

Targeted as soon as I moved back to my parent’s home

On January , 21 2015 I moved back home to my parent’s home in Antioch California. That day I was so happy to see my father , mother, sister, kids, and others. There was so many things I missed out on like my grandmother, she pass away while I was gone. My grandmother told me that when I come back home to take her to the casino to play the slot machine.

It was heart breaking that she was not there waiting for me. I was happy to be back because I have been away for a while. I wanted to help my parent’s out by cleaning the house , paying bills , and I would have to look for a job. My father gave me some nike shoes and I had no cloths. I had to go to the goodwill to buy cloths because I had no money for new ones. I also ran into a person I new who was always in trouble , he had a drug problem. I said hi gave him my phone number if he needed help. So off I go looking for a job. The guy who had a drug problem did call me , they kicked him out of the group home where he was living, I helped him move his things to his parents house, he couldn’t stay at his parent’s home because they had a restraining order on him, so I had to take him to a hotel called the ramada inn in Antioch California.

It took me a while to look for a job because I had to get a driver’s license. Most of the jobs I work were transportation work. I wanted to find work close to home or wherever I can find work. I finally find work in Berkeley California as a driver. I work for flywheel it is like uber and I also work for a airport shuttle company. So I work there as a driver in Berkeley for over 7 months and the airport shuttle company. After 7 months something very strange happen the guy I help out who had a problem with drugs told me that they were going to set you up that night at work. [entrapment] I work the night shift in Berkeley California from 8pm to 8am about 6 days a week. The guy I helped out his name is Reynaldo Frugoli , when he told me that they wanted to entrap me , I did not believe him because I was not doing anything wrong and said I was just working. I go in to work that night and sure enough the Berkeley Police were out there with unmark police cars and mark police cars trying to set me up. Then I just told my work place that I am leaving and that I will not be returning to work. The incident happen on August of 2015.

Ever since that happen I look back and I had a strange feeling I was being followed and watched. I also started a business, I had customers , they canceled on me , for me to later find out my phone is tap. The police tap my phone and started talking to everyone I talk to on my phone. I was always down on my luck and had a feeling something was not right. I did not understand, ignored everything and just went to go look for another job. I did find another job as a driver in Orinda California. I was only working there for a couple days and sure enough the police wanted to entrap me again. I was very traumatized , scared , and did not know what was going on.

The first time when they tried to entrap me in Berkeley California , I was driving home and they followed me on the freeway. I pulled over in Lafayette California where my parent’s picked me up. The second time they entrap me in Orinda California , my parent’s came to Orinda California to pick me up. I did not know at the time I am a targeted individual. So traumatized , I decided to stay home and I did stay home for over a month.

I want you to sit back and hold on tight as I take you on a journey as how I became a targeted individual.

Noel Bantola